IMF: Cautious optimism on global economy


LONDON, April 7 (UPI) -- An IMF report was released in London and while positive overall, it said the global economy is still at risk, the Financial Times reports.

"The main risk to the benign outlook for global financial markets is that such an outlook rests on a very fine balancing of opposing economic forces," the IMF's Global Financial Stability report, released Tuesday, said. The report measures the state of global markets and economic outlook.

Potential threats that could unbalance the economy included terrorism, interest rate rises and a sudden decline in the dollar.

"We believe that at present the financial markets are enjoying a 'sweet spot' -- economic activity and earnings have recovered after the [dotcom] bubble, and policy interest rates can remain quite low thanks to contained inflation," the FT quoted Gerd Hausler, director of international capital markets.

The IMF, citing the failure of Parmalat, also called for better monitoring of the corporate sector.

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