Adelphia Jury Says Deadlocked Over Michael Rigas

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Jurors on Friday said they were deadlocked over securities and bank fraud charges against former Adelphia Communications Corp. executive Michael Rigas.

U.S. District Judge Leonard Sand briefly called the jury back into the courtroom and instructed them to continue deliberations, saying a verdict is important and desirable but that the jurors should not change their minds solely to reach a decision.

"I'm going to ask that you return to the jury room and consider these remarks and let us know whether you believe a further good faith effort to reach a verdict is worth making that effort. We will await further word from you," Sand said.

On Thursday, Adelphia founder John Rigas and his son, Timothy, were found guilty of fraud and conspiracy in the multibillion-dollar collapse of the cable television company.

Michael Rigas is also a son of John Rigas.




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